Syllabus Spring 2015-2016

Classroom Expectations, Procedures, & Policies

English Language Arts

Greetings Students & Parents,

            I look forward to working with each of you this year; I am sure that this school year will be interesting and exciting! If you wish to contact me, please email me at Ms. Adsit

Mission Statement:

The goal of the International Baccelaurate Programme is to facilitate student growth as world citizens. Students will become inquiring and knowledgeable thinkers, communicators, and risk-takers; who are principled, open-minded, caring, balanced, and reflective.

Course Description English Language Arts: We will work towards the following goals.  We will utilize the LAUSD English Language Arts Common Core course guide. The units include Informative/Explanatory, Argument, and Narrative. We will also include Interdisciplinary Projects to enhance and promote the goals of the IB Programme.

Classroom Expectations for Behavior:

*Student behavior directly determines the Cooperation Grade. 8th Graders with too many Unsatisfactory grades in Cooperation will not participate in Culmination activities.*

Be Prompt: enter class calmly and on time.

Be Prepared: bring your supplies and materials every day.

Be Polite: respect others, their property, and the class environment.

Be Productive: try your best.


  1. Verbal warning. 2. Conference with student after class. 3. Campus Beautification.
  2. After School Detention. 5. Note or phone call to parent. 6. Parent conference with all teachers. 7. Referral to Dean’s Office 8. Unsatisfactory grade in Cooperation

Rewards: 1. Verbal Praise; 2. Good News phone calls; 3. Jaguar Paws; 4. Prizes; 5. Snack

Work Habits Grade: Prompt, Productive, Prepared.

Supplies: 1) note book; 2)backpack; 3) silent reading book; 4) flash drive; 5) supply pouch; 6)3 blue or black ink pens; 7). 2 non-mechanical pencils; 8) pencil sharpener; 9) paper (loose leaf); 10) highlighter; 11) colored pencils *Excessive Tardies will result in a grade of Unsatisfactory in Work Habits

Academic Grading Scale*

A = 100% - 89%; B = 88% - 79%; C = 78% - 68% ; D = 67% - 58%; F = less than 58%

Grades are based on the total point earned divided by the total points possible. Examples of assignment categories include: Notes, Skills Practice; Participation; Homework; Essays; Projects; Tests; Quizzes


Daily homework assignments consist of independent reading using student selected library books or Achieve 3000. Other homework consists of completing class work or projects as needed..