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El Sereno Middle School

2839 Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032



 Ms. R. Lopez, Room 218, ED/Special Day Class


The mission of El Sereno Middle School is to empower all students with the skills and knowledge to become compassionate, inquisitive, principled young people who create a more peaceful world through global awareness, critical thinking, and a commitment to action and service.


IB Learners strive to be:

            Inquirers          Knowledgeable            Thinkers           Communicators            Principled

            Caring            Risk-takers                   Balanced         Open-minded              Reflective



The ED SDC Class will provide students with the skills that will facilitate meeting Common Core Standards, IB Criterion, IEP goals and objectives.


Assignment Expectations

Students will keep all work in a well-organized binder and notebook. Students will turn in class work, homework, and projects as expected. Students can make up missed assignments, it is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work, and to make arrangements with the teacher to complete missed assignments.

Class Participation:

It is required that students participate in class discussion during lecture as well as work cooperatively with other students. Participation is an important factor in the success of the student.


Grading Policy:

Grading will be based on the following

Grades will be based on scores out of 100



·       Homework

·       Classwork

·       Participation

·       Tests/quizzes


·       A = 90-100

·       B = 80-89

·       C = 70-79

·       D = 60-69

·       F = 0-59



Class Procedures:

Students will come to class in “uniform” dress code, on time, and prepared to work with all necessary materials. Students are required to follow school rules as well as classroom rules at all times.


Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Respectful - Students should always respect themselves, be courteous and polite to other students and adults in the classroom. Students should be respectful to classroom and private property.
  2. Be Responsible - Students are expected to arrive on time (stay in class) and bring all necessary materials with them to class and complete assignments by deadlines provided.
  3. Be Safe- Students will be safe in class by keeping hands and all body parts to themselves, acknowledging personal space and asking for help when needed.
  4. Be Positive – Students will demonstrate a positive attitude towards their education, other students, adults in their class, and learning community. Students will demonstrate a positive mindset when doing classwork and assignments by trying their best.

Students who exemplify and carry out the guidelines of Classroom expectations will receive positive consequences or rewards. Any student who does not follow expectations or breaks any rule will face a negative consequence or consequences based on the infraction’s severity.



1.     Praise

2.     Tickets

3.     Jaguar paws

4.     Awards

5.     Notes sent home

6.     Positive calls home

7.     Preferred activity

8.     Hi fives


1.     Verbal warning

2.     Formal warning

3.     Behavior reflection sheet

4.     Campus

5.     Call home

6.     Counseling office

7.     Dean’s office

8.     Detention

9.     Parent-Teacher meeting

10.  Parent, Teacher, and Administrator meeting


Technology Policy: Cell phones are NOT allowed on campus or during class time and should not be out. Cell phones need to remain stored away in your backpack on silent, so that it does not create any distracting noises or disrupt the classroom. No other technology may be out unless specifically instructed otherwise. By putting cell phones away, we are respecting our classmates, our class time, and ourselves by avoiding distractions and creating a focused environment.


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