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Welcome to all my new students and their families, and welcome to your middle school years!

I really enjoy teaching Math, Science and Electives here at El Sereno MS, and have learned so much from my students, other teachers and various teacher programs throughout the years.This is my 24th year teaching here at El Sereno, and my fourth year as part of the Dual Language Spanish Program. I taught elementary school for 7 years prior to coming to middle school. I look forward to all the excitement and challenges this new year brings, as we continue to grow with the International Baccalaureate program at our school.

On this webpage, I hope to post homework and useful links, in addition to other information. And although I would love to post TONS of great pictures of my students, I must obtain parental permission first. Parents and students, please feel free to email me with any concerns, or contact the counseling office to set up a phone or in-person conference. I look forward to working with you this year; see you soon!
*Be a POLITE and POSITIVE participant
Positive consequences for good behavior choices: Jaguar Paws, Team rewards, Raffle tickets for weekly classroom raffle, positive phone calls home, class rewards
Negative consequences for poor choices: seating change, Campus Beautification, phone call home, sent to office, detention, parent conference

SYLLABUS for courses:

COMMON CORE MATH: Our program consists mainly of College Preparatory Math (CPM), as it aligns well with our California State Standards for Common Core Math. We will work primarily in groups, with me as a teacher acting as a facilitator in this program which focuses on problem solving as a team.
Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, with quizzes on Friday.
6th grade: Much of this year's work will be a review of concepts and skills learned in 5th grade, but there will be new instruction as well, with a focus on Operations with Integers, as well as Ratios and Proportions.
7th grade: We will work a great deal on more complex equations, in preparation for your future in Algebra and Geometry.

Both 6th and 7th grade will learn something in all areas of science with our Common Core State Standards, with a heavy emphasis on Life Science, and learning experiences in our outdoor classroom. Daily classroom activities will emphasize hands on learning, and a LOT of science vocabulary this year...Oral Quizzes every Friday will help us practice!
Both 6th and 7th grade classes will get an Integrated Science curriculum, but each grade level will have a different emphasis. 7th graders receive one semester of science, then will go on to Health second semester.

GENERAL ART elective:
Our elective class helps us access a different part of our brain, to help us be more Balanced IB learners.We will learn about different cultures throughout the year, to support our goals in the IB program. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we will read several novels throughout the year, each having a connection to a different part of the world. On Tuesday we will do map studies all year, with a Geo Vocab Test to help us be more open-minded. On Friday we will create art, through sketching and various mediums. Our art will often enhance our study of the novel we are reading at that time.

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