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Dress Code

RATIONALE:  Parents, teachers, and school officials have agreed that school uniforms are a positive and creative way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safety.

GOAL:  In order to promote school safety, improve discipline and enhance the learning environment, all students will abide by the school’s uniform policy.

Some of the benefits of the school uniform include:

  • Decreasing violence and theft – even life-threatening situations – among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers;
  • Preventing gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school;
  • Instilling students with discipline and school spirit/pride;
  • Helping parents and students resist peer pressure;
  • Helping students concentrate on their school work; and
  • Helping school officials recognize intruders who may enter campus.

Therefore, El Sereno Middle School has adopted the following dress code for all students:

Students are to wear:
  • Navy blue or khaki pants or shorts (not saggy or oversized);
  • Navy blue or khaki jumpers, skirts or skorts;
  • Solid navy blue, white, or khaki collar shirt/blouse;
  • School uniforms to be worn to field trips unless specific attire is required for a particular trip or activity;
  • Approved spirit/club/class shirts to be worn on Wednesdays only.

For PE Classes:
Approved El Sereno Middle School shorts and t-shirt.

  • PE clothes should be worn during PE only;
  • Jackets/sweatshirt hoods are not to be worn;
  • Hats/Caps may not be worn;
  • Long t-shirts may not be worn;
  • Belt buckles with any letters or inappropriate designs may not be worn;
  • Sandals and/or slippers may not be worn;
  • Jewelry that is determined to be unsafe or a distraction to the learning process may not be worn

Student Responsibilities:
  • Students are expected to be in a school uniform daily;
  • When students are out of compliance and sent to the dress code room, they are expected to change into a school-issued uniform and return to class promptly with a pass;
  • When dress code is closed, students are to go to one of the Deans and obtain a stamp on their dress code pass before returning to class.

Staff Responsibilities:
  • Provide incentives to students for compliance with policy;
  • Students out of dress code compliance must be sent by teachers and staff to dress code room with a dress code pass;
  • Students out of dress code before school will be escorted to dress code;
  • Supervision staff will conduct lunch-time dress code round ups and random classroom checks and escort students to dress code;
  • Dress code supervisor will return inappropriate clothing to parents only.
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