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To our students and their parents:

Here at El Sereno Middle School, students have access to one of the largest middle school libraries in the Los Angeles Unified School District—and research has shown time and again that regular use of a library will significantly aid a student’s success in school. We want to encourage all students to make a habit of using the resources in the El Sereno Middle School Research Library.

We have about 18,000 books, including fiction, nonfiction, reference books, and books in Spanish and Chinese here in the library. The fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name and the nonfiction books are arranged by the subject numbers of the Dewey Decimal System—the same system used by your local public library.

We also have 12 computers with Internet access as well as access to the library’s on-line catalogue and to the district’s Digital Library of on-line reference books. Students may, in fact, access the library’s catalogue and the encyclopedias and other reference sources of the Digital Library from any computer on campus.

Before and after school, I am here to help students with homework, reports, and other school projects. The library is open 30 minutes before and at least 30 minutes after school. If a student needs more time after school, I am usually able to stay longer to help.

Students may visit the library during class time, but need a library pass from their teacher. Many teachers also visit the library with their classes to conduct research, to learn how to use the library, or simply to guide students in selecting a book.

Books are checked out for two weeks, but may be re-newed (or checked out again) for another two weeks. Students are encouraged to return books on time so that other students may use the books. Students are responsible for any library books checked out under their name, and should take care not to lose or damage the books—the average library book costs anywhere from $10 to $25.

Eighth graders, in particular, must return or pay for any overdue library books by the end of the school year in order to participate in the culmination ceremony and other end-of-the-year 8th grade activities.

Students should carry their ID card at all times during school hours—especially when visiting the library. The ID card is also the school library card. Students without an ID card can apply for one in the attendance office. A new card is free; a replacement card is $2.00.

We have a special reading program available to our students through the resources of the library. Called the Accelerated Reader program, it is an independent reading program in which a student selects his/her own book, reads it, and then takes a multiple-choice computer quiz on the book. Each time a student reads a book and passes a quiz, points are earned. The amount of points earned by each student-reader is automatically added up by the computer. These reading points are often used as a part of a student’s grade in our Language Arts classes.

Students should have no trouble choosing a book from the 13,000 books in the Accelerated Reader program—most of which can be found in the school library, the local public library—or even at home.

We hope that each of our students will make good use of the library and all its resources—both students AND THEIR PARENTS are ALWAYS welcome in the El Sereno Middle School Research Library!
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