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Course Syllabus

El Sereno Middle School



Teacher: Mr. Kit McConnell               

Courses: English Language Arts and Academic Literacy

Textbook Used: HMH Collections

Supplementary Materials: diverse selections of fiction and non-fiction texts and technology resources


Goals/Objectives/Standards of Course: Students will participate in units and lessons of study designed to enhance their knowledge and skills and reach all of the Common Core standards in English Language Arts. Lessons will engage and elicit critical thinking, close reading, and creative writing of a wide variety of complex tasks and activities (vocabulary development, journaling, narratives, poetry, research and informative writing, argumentative essays, speeches, etc.). Students will develop interdisciplinary literacy and learning strategies and skills including technological literacy and will develop as learners in accord with the IB Learner Profiles.


Brief description of Subject Content: Students will develop their abilities in the English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Thinking as well as develop Technological Literacy Skills. Students will be expected to read in class and independently. Students will experience personal growth in accord with the IB Leaner Profiles.


Homework Policy:

Students will also be assigned homework that extends the learning from class periodically. Some homework assignments will require use of the Internet. All homework should be recorded in Student Planners. Parents should check and communicate with the teacher via this tool. Late work is subject to a deduction in point value. Students are responsible for keeping track of assignment due dates.


Class Rules and Policies:

Students must abide by the class rules and the school-wide expectations of the Jaguar Way: Be safe, Be Respectful, Be responsible.




Students will be assessed by multiple measures throughout the course, including:   Daily Writing Task        Written Essays         Multiple Choice Exams      True/False            Short Answer       Oral Presentations           Creative Projects    Web-based Quizzes SBAC Formative Assessments      Active Class Participation


Grading Policy: All assignments are given a point value, grades are determined by percentages of the total available points. Letter Grades are based on the following scale:

A=100%-90%, B=89%-80%, C=79%-70%, D=69%-60%, F=below 60%


Work Habits: Students work habits are determined based on level of participation and percentage of assignments completed at expectations.


Cooperation: If students are following the social contract and directions in class, they will be deemed Satisfactorily cooperative. Anyone not meeting those expectations will be deemed unsatisfactorily cooperative. Similarly, students exceeding expectations will result in Excellent marks.


Both work habits and cooperation grades will be influenced by class participation and behavior as tracked by Class Dojo. Parents can monitor points and contact Mr. McConnell through the Class Dojo app or via email ksm4933@lausd.net





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