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Attendance Questions

Dear El Sereno Families:

It’s wonderful to have our Jaguar family back at school!

Below is information regarding student absences during the work stoppage.

  1. Are absences due to the work stoppage excused or unexcused absences?
  • Schools may excuseabsences IF a parent/guardian note is provided.
  • If students/parents do not bring a note, absences are unexcused.
  1. Will absences during the work stoppage impact perfect attendance incentives/recognitions?
  • No. Absences during the strike will not impact our perfect attendance incentives/recognitions.
  1. Will absences during the work stoppage impact 8th grade culmination requirements?
  • No, absences during the work stoppage will not count towards our culmination absence criteria.

I look forward to having a great second semester of strong attendance. Thank you for continuing to ensure your child is at school every day!

Thank you,

Ms. Dara

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