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Morning PA Announcements

Morning Announcements
Friday, February 23, 2018

Good morning International Baccalaureate Gold Ribbon Jaguars – Attention young scholars, faculty, staff, parents and parent volunteers – this is Mr. Freeman with special guest Communicators with your morning announcements:

For the month of February, our IB Learner Profile Attribute is Balanced: Be socially Balanced and use technology and the internet wisely and don’t believe everything you read – think critically to judge the validity of the information and consider the source of the information. Also, hang out with the right people, be Caring toward others, and don’t give in to negative peer pressure. Be a Balanced and Caring IB student today and every day, and you, your class, your, school, your family, your friends, your community, your nation and your world will be better off and more peaceful because of it.

Important Announcements from Principal Dara: If you would like to come in out of the cold today, movies will be shown in the library during first and second lunch. No food will be permitted into the library, so eat first and then come up fast. Also, a reminder to teachers to please submit your attendance during the first 15 minutes of each period every day. Your attention to this matter is very much appreciated. And, please remember to be at your doors during passing periods to greet your students as they arrive on time. Last but not least, during periods of cold weather like this week, the doors to the main building will be closed but unlocked to help keep the heat in. Thank you for ALL you do and have a great day everyone. Be on the T.E.A.M. because Together El Sereno Achieves More.

Good Morning Animaniacs!: Our Anime Club will be meeting today in room 210 at second lunch. Be there or be on Kishimoto's cutting room floor. Remember to have your building pass ready and be here quickly. The Anime Entrance door will be open, just come on in! Mr. Bowerbank says,” Happy Friday and see you soon!”

Rock Band Meets Today: Ms. Austin invites all interested students to join the Rock Band Rehearsal today after school from 3:00 to 4:00 PM in M-2. Be there or be square.

GSA Club Meets Today: The Gay Straight Alliance club will be meeting today, during 2nd lunch. We welcome all to join us and participate as we educate and empower one another to being true to yourself. This club will help you find yourself, be yourself, and join forces while raising acceptance and inclusion of all individuals. GSA helps to build alliances across gender identity and/or sexual orientation. We are here to support and welcome one another. Join us today during 2nd lunch in room B-53.

Safe and Civil Reminder: Students remember to be on time to all of your classes, and if you are out of class for any reason you must wear a day-glow vest and carry the yellow Emergency Hall Pass. Walk and Talk and be on time to every class, every day. Also, thank you to teachers for standing at your doors and greeting your students as they enter your classrooms on time. Be Respectful, be Responsible, be Safe, and be Jaguar Paws-itive.

Jaguar Paws: Congratulations to this week’s Jaguar Paw winners! Angelina Martinez is recognized for being a Thinker by Ms. Gomez. Samantha Morales is nominated for being Principled by Ms. Cisneros. And, Eduardo Delgado is honored for being Caring by Ms. Aguilar. Angelina, Samantha, and Eduardo, congratulations. Come by the Main Office today to receive your prizes, and keep up the great work!

For more News and Announcements and for a Written Transcript of Today’s Announcements: Please visit us on the web @ elserenoms.org and also visit Ms. Dara’s Blog at msdara.com.

And to all, remember to be Knowledgeable Thinkers, Communicators, Inquirers, Open Minded, Principled, Caring, Balanced, and Reflective Risk-Takers. Thank you for your attention and have a great day! Be on the T.E.A.M. because Together El Sereno Achieves More.
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